Don't skimp on the charcoal, the Hot Box Grill is AIR TIGHT!!
Just close the 4 vents when you're done and the Hot Box Grill shuts down, cools off fast and save your coals for another day!!

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With two levels of charcoal you can sear and slow cook at the same time. No other portable charcoal grill can give you those features. 
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Again, the Hot Box Grill is AIR TIGHT
When you're done grilling, put the hood in place, close all 4 vents and the Hot Box will save you coals, which

Saves you money
Can your portable smoke 20 pounds of pork butt?
How about 21 Big Juicy Burgers
and room for more!
2 beer can chickens and a bowl full of sweet corn, potatoes & onions!

Can your portable
grill support over 
400 pounds?

The American Made
Hot Box Grill Can!
The large case holds your fire box, hood and ash pan
The small case holds your 3 food grates, your 3 charcoal grates and your 4 stainless steel legs
Set up your Hot Box Grill and smoke a couple racks of baby back ribs 
Or just a couple of perfectly grilled rib eye steaks!
Here's one of our happy customers who made a custom table that attached to his catamaran. He runs a catamaran service in the Virgin Islands and they cook for 8 people every day and just love the Hot Box Grill and you will too. 
Jay Prince of the BBQ SAUCE REVIEWS says,

"If you’re someone who camps or tailgates a lot and are in the market for a new grill, the Hot Box Portable Grill should definitely be at the top of your list!"
The best portable charcoal grill and smoker on the market