Cleaning Tips For Your Hot Box Grill 360 Plus

Keeping a grill clean is good for several reasons.

  • Clean grills last longer. Charcoal ash left in the grill will absorb moisture out of the air and form a toxic paste, eventually eating through the metal. Removing ash on a regular basis reduces this problem.
  • Clean grills taste better. Bare metal needs to be seasoned – think “Mom’s Cast Iron Skillet” – but leftover food and grease on grates and in the grill cooking chamber is not seasoning – it’s crud. Crud attracts pest like bugs and vermin and when the grill heats up on subsequent cooking it will heat up too, producing odors that are off putting and frankly just plain ol’ nasty!
  • Clean grills have better re-sale value. OK who wrote this? That statement makes no sense at all because once you own and cook on a Hot Box Grills 360+ you won’t want to ever let it go. You may pass it down in your will someday but we can’t imagine you will ever sell it.
  • Clean grills present your image to your guests. That’s right your grill presents an image of the type of cook you are! Do you want to be viewed as a cook who is on top of it or as a sloppy hack?

Now let’s be honest – cleaning most grills is an absolutely painful chore. There are all manner of nooks and crannies and screws and bolts that are impossible to get to and clean. You scrape your bare knuckles on jagged edges and you can’t get under the burner area and it’s nearly impossible to get into the corners to clean it out. Cleaning the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus is easy – because if comes apart for easy cleaning and re-assembles in minutes – no really like in about 5 minutes is all – And you don’t need any tools!

When to clean?

We recommend you empty the Ash & Charcoal Trays after each use – make sure the spent charcoal is completely out first! Brush them off with a stiff wire brush and if you like, line the Ash Tray with aluminum foil before use so it’s easy to clean out. You can wash the Ash & Charcoal Tray with water and soap if you like – just be sure to rinse and then dry off completely before putting it back into the grill.

We recommend you clean the Cooking Grids after each use. Scrape off any burned on food (hey – it happens to the best of us!) and use a stiff wire brush to clean off the grids. You can wash the Cooking Grids with water and soap if you like – just be sure to rinse and then dry off completely before re-applying seasoning and putting it back into the grill.

We recommend that at least once a month, or more often if you cook every day, you remove the Attachment Knobs and fold down the side panels for cleaning. Wipe down the inside of the panels with a soapy water combination, use a non-scratch kitchen scrubber to get off tough burned on food and spills. Clean the hinges of all four side panels to remove ash dust. You can use a brush like a whisk broom or even an old toothbrush; a can of compressed air like one made for cleaning computer keyboards or a hose with nozzle connected to an air compressor but be mindful of the air pressure and wear eye protection. (C’mon, do we really need to remind adults of these safety precautions? Ooops – lawyers say we do.) You can wash the surfaces of the grill with water and soap if you like – just be sure to rinse and then dry off completely before reassembling.

We recommend you keep the Cooking Grids seasoned and the hinges lubricated with dry graphite. Dry graphite lubricant comes in spray cans, small tubes and even sticks. Here are some actual photos of cleaning using several different techniques and one lubricating the hinges with dry graphite.

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