Frequently Asked Questions

How much cooking surface does the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus have and how much does it weigh?

There is over 360 square inches of cooking surface to work with when both food grates are in place side by side. The overall cooking area demension is 22-1/2″ x 16-1/2″ and the grill weighs approximatley 54 pounds fully assembled.

 Can you place the grill on one of those plastic fold up tables?

The lighter weight plastic tables may not be able to hold the weight of the grill combined with the charcoal and food. The grill weighs around 54 pounds and with the addition of charcoal and food and possibly extra food preparation items, you could have over 70-80 pounds of weight on top of the table. Check the weight capacity of the table first by contacting the table manufacturer.

Can these plastic tables stand up to the heat and not melt?

Weather conditions play a big role in being able to use these tables during the grilling process. The cooler the outside temperatures and windier conditions make it less likely for the heat to have an affect on the plastic table top. We do not recommend using these tables while grilling but recommend using a “heat shield” under the grill if you intend on grilling on top of one of these tables. A heat shield could consist of ceramic floor tiles or simply a piece of 1/2″-3/4″ thick piece of wood wrapped tightly in heavy duty aluminum foil placed directly under the grill to reflect the heat. Make sure the heat sheild covers 100% of the space below and between the legs. We strongly recommend contacting the manufacturer of the plastic table you intend on using to get their recommendation.

Can I smoke for longer periods of time without having to constantly add hot coals?

The Hot Box Grill 360 Plus is constructed with heavy gauge steel, is virtually air tight and will hold temperatures steady for 4-6 hours straight without having to add additional coals. (Weather conditions and outside temperatures play a big role in holding temperatures steady for longer periods of time) Experimenting with your grill while smoking for long periods of time under different weather conditions is the best way to “get to know your grill.”

 Will I be able to shut down and cool off my grill quickly?

The Hot Box Grill 360 Plus is virtually air tight. When you have finished grilling, close all 4 vents, put the hood in place and the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus will quickly shut down your coals and start to cool down immediately. The virtual air tight design will snuff out and save any unused coals so you will be able to reuse those coals again.

 Does it take long to assemble and take down?

NO, with our patent pending design you can assemble or take down the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus in under 5 minutes and you don’t need to use ANY tools! Check out our videos and manual for further instructions and also check out “Simple Assembly” on our drop down menu under Hot Box Grill 360 Plus. 

 Can I order additional charcoal trays and food grates?

YES! You can order extra charcoal trays and food grates anytime. If you do not see the part you want in our store, contact us at tell us what you need and we will get back to you with prices and shipping times.

Can I order replacement parts for my grill?

YES! Any part of the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus can be ordered. If you do not see the part you want in our store, contact us at tell us what you need and we will get back to you with prices and shipping times.

 Can I contact Hot Box Grills if I have questions about the using the grill, grilling techniques or other questions?

YES! You can contact us at or call us at 815-621-0000. You will receive an answer within 24 hours if we are not immediatley available.

Can I use the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus as a fire pit?

NO! However, you can use small quanities of real wood when smoking. Also, the charcoal grates will fit on the top shelf where the food grates are usually placed but we do not recommend using this level for firing up your charcoal. Your food grates can be used on any of the three levels depending on what you are cooking.

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