Grilled Lemon Peppered Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

So simple, a cave man can do this!

All you need is shrimp, olive oil, bacon, lemon pepper, Sweet baby Rays BBQ sauce or just your favorite BBQ sauce, tooth picks and prepared horse radish. I prefer the jumbo shrimp which are a 21 – 25 count per pound. You can go bigger if you want, but don’t go any smaller. For this recipe I used 6 jumbo shrimp.

First-Clean and remove the vein of each shrimp then run them under cold water and pat dry. When you remove the shell, leave the shrimp tip on, it just looks better during presentation.

Second-Put your shrimp in a bowl, add enough olive oil to cover all of your shrimp (for 6 jumbo shrimp I used 2 tablespoons) and then season your shrimp with about a tablespoon on lemon pepper, mix and set aside. PS: I’m assuming you already cranked up the grill and I”m hoping it’s charcoal.

Third-Precook your bacon either in a pan or a microwave. I prefer the micro wave. Make sure your bacon is “Almost” crisp but pliable enough to wrap around your shrimp. Pat the bacon with paper towels to remove the grease and set aside. You can prepare the bacon a day ahead of time and refrigerate if you don’t want the bacon smell drifting through your place when guests arrive.

Fourth-Make your dipping sauce (s). I’m a BIG Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce fan, so I took some Sweet Bay Rays and added prepared horse radish until I reached the level of heat I wanted. So basically just take your favorite BBQ sauce and add the horse radish until you’re satisfied with the heat level. If you’re have a bunch of people over to sample your shrimp, go ahead and make 2 or 3 different levels of heat.

Fifth-Now, take each shrimp and wrap them each with one strip of bacon. Start wrapping the shrimp from the large end and work towards the tail, then take one tooth pick, pierce the bacon by the tail and push the tooth pick through the center of the shrimp and out the other end.

You are now ready to to place you shrimp on the grill. Over a medium heat, grill each shrimp for about 3 minutes per side. I like to put one shrimp on the grill and test 3 minutes per side first to determine if my shrimp are done. If over done, go for 2-1/2 minutes or underdone, go for 3-1/2 minutes. This way you will be assured that your shrimp are done perfectly.

Serve with your sauce or sauces and enjoy!

Notice I already ate my “test” shrimp :



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