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Just a few of the reviews we have received about our Hot Box Grill 360 Plus:

I’m enjoying it. Only two cooks to date because it stays in my camper but I did a wick style minion method and got five unattended hours with it holding steady at around 240 when I was doing ribs.

Jim Taylor

Fort Worth TX


I run a charter catamaran in the Virgin Islands, Silver Moon, and have recently started using the Hot Box Grill for grilling and smoking. We have eight people to cook for each evening – – and use this nearly every evening while on charter. This grill is fantastic. Because it is portable it allows me flexibility in positioning on our custom made mahogany table, strapped to the boat securely while underway. I give this grill my highest recommendations – – it is both portable as well as large enough to grill / smoke meals for larger groups of people. It works as advertised – – a great solution for our chartering business, differentiating Silver Moon from the many other boats with small ¨marine grills¨ which just don´t cut it for larger groups.
Bob Daigle
Captain, SV Silver Moon
US & British Virgin Islands

Hey all you BBQ Lovers!! I have been smoking on the Hot Box Grill for over a year now and I can tell you hands down, this is one of the best portable grill/smokers you will ever find!! Full size yet totally portable!!!
Peter Knight
Las Vegas NV

Absoluley perfect for every occasion! Football season & the Holidays…. Pick one of these bad boys up!
Brandon Baney

I love the new grates. I want you to know that Nephews BBQ Sauce & Rub Company has one and I loves it… The Hot Box Grill goes where I go….

Paul Abrams
Nephews BBQ Sauce & Rub Company
North Carolina

I got the new box this week and took it to the park today. Everything fit perfectly and the box was awesome! I got my charcoal started in the chimney while I set up the box. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly everything cooled off after I took the coals out. Thanks again for a great product and the stand up customer support! It’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with you!

Ashland, MA

The Hot Box Portable Grill is great for camping and I would bet it would be an even better grill for tailgating.

This grill was very easy to clean since all I had to do was dump the ash pan once the ashes had cooled and the grates were easy to clean as well with a grill brush or hot soapy water in the sink.

I was pretty impressed with how air tight the grill was. I was able to re-use some of the charcoal after a cook by shutting the vents down right away after I was done grilling.

If you’re someone who camps or tailgates a lot and are in the market for a new grill, the Hot Box Portable Grill should definitely be at the top of your list!

Jay Prince
An Independent Product Review Site
South Carolina

Hot Box Grills
2/27/12 6:00PM
Host: BBQSuperStars

This review is from an independent product review site. We sent them a free grill and they received no compensation for testing the Hot Box grill 360 Plus. Their review is simply based on how they felt our product operated.

On the grill, I like to have a super hot area, then a slow cooking area, which is why I like the Hot Box Grill.
The grill has been working well.

Jeff Henderson

“Dave, the grill arrived today. And – – I love it. It is more rugged than I expected. I set it up in about 5 minutes seasoned it, and am now cooking up a few pieces of chicken. Your instructions made very good sense”

Bob Daigle
Maine, USA

Dave Benjamin designed a fabulous portable grill called the Hot Box Portable Grill. These are perfect to use at home or for tailgating.

Kelli Edon

Hi Dave, Thank you for the follow up. I have only used it once to smoke a Pork Butt, the final result was excellent.

Kent Kruse


“I bought the Hot Box Grill 360+ for my husband so we can take it in our motor coach when we travel. It’s compact to store and that’s important because space is limited. AND it’s easy to clean so we aren’t storing dirty ashes…that makes me very happy. I am delighted at how versatile this cooker is.  The grilling surface is big enough to cook a dozen or more big hamburgers, I can cook a big 15 lb turkey or smoke a couple of beer can chickens at one of our gatherings. AND I can cook just for the two of us with no trouble at all – thanks to the tricky adjustable charcoal trays and cooking grids.  I love the Hot Box Grill 360+ because it gives me plenty of options for cooking!”

Laura D.


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