Simple Assembly



Unfold all 4 sides of the firebox on a clean flat surface.


6-Assemble 3 sides of the fire

Assemble 3 sides using 2 of the 4 attachment knobs.


Tip the fire box on its side and hand screw on the 4 stainless legs, then set the grill upright being supported by the 4 legs.


Complete the firebox assembly by closing up the final panel and installing the last 2 attachment knobs. You are now ready to adjust your charcoal trays.


Install your 3 separate charcoal trays on any of the 2 levels provided inside the fire box depending on if you are grilling, roasting or smoking. The versatility of this system allows you direct grill and roast at the same time.

15-Showing the larger food grate in place

After your coals are ashed over and ready, install your food grates. There are 2 food grates. One small and one large. You can position these food grates in many different positions and heights depending on what you are cooking. After using the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus for awhile you’ll become a pro at setting up your grill for grilling, roasting and smoking.

13-Showing the smaller food grate in place

Showing the smaller food grate in place. These food grates can slide back and forth for adding more coals or smoke.


Put the fully assembled hood in place and you have the best portable cooker on the market today. With 2 vents in the hood and 2 vents in the fire, you can easily control the internal temperature and the ventilation when roasting or smoking.

Hot Box Grill 360

Hot Box Grill 360 Plus





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