A Word From The Owner


Hot Box Grills 360+ outdoor cooker www.hotboxgrills.com MADE IN USA

The Hot Box Grill 360 Plus is the most versatile PORTABLE outdoor cooker you’ll ever own.

I designed the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus with versatility in mind. It had to be big enough to feed a lot of people, it had to be easy and simple to set and take down without having to use any tools, it needed to be able to grill, roast and smoke and have the versatility to accommodate large items like turkeys and pork butt and the cooking surface had to be at least 360 square inches plus it had to be virtually air tight to shut down and cool off fast in order to save your remaining coals to be used later and it had to be built tough!

We use heavy gauge galvannealed steel for the hood and firebox. Our hinges, legs and name plates are all stainless steel and our handles and attachment knobs are all high temperature plastic which remain cool to the touch even when the grill is fired up hot. This PORTABLE grill & smoker can be used year round because they are built tough!

With our unique patent-pending design, clean-up, transporting and storing the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus is easy. It’s an American made, full size, heavy duty, powder coated steel cooker that you can take just about anywhere and use all year long at home for all of your backyard family cookouts.

You can tuck it behind the seat in your truck, slide it your van or RV or place it in the trunk of your family car. The compact design of the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus makes it very easy to breakdown, assemble and transport. So take the hassel out of carting around bulky grills or undersized grills that can barely feed a group of 4. Get your Hot Box Grill 360 Plus today and be the hero of your next tailgating, camping or backyard party.

~ Dave Benjamin, Inventor of the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus

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