Hot Box Grill 360 Plus Is The Swiss Pocket Knife of Outdoor Portable Grills

The Hot Box Grills 360+ is the Swiss Utility Knife of outdoor grills.


When we first showed this series of slides to Dave (the inventor or Hot Box Grill 360 Plus) he said (and I quote) —

“Are you nutz?” says Dave. “We need to show how versatile the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus is – how you can cook just about anything on it or in it and to show just how easy it is to pack up for tailgating, camping, picnics or the beach.”

“We need to show people how the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus will be the only grill they’ll ever need for grilling, roasting and smoking weather they’re on the move or just hanging out with family and friends for a backyard BBQ.”

“Show them how the Charcoal Trays can be adjusted in countless ways to accommodate different foods, cooking methods and techniques. Show them our Food Grates which are constructed using heavy-duty steel which are the same type used by competition BBQ teams AND show them how easy the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus is to assemble and take apart without having to use ANY tools and just how easy the Hot Box Grill 360 Plus is to keep clean. The Hot Box Grill 360 Plus IS the most versatile backyard cooker you can own – It’s like a utility player in baseball. It’s like a Jack-of-All Trades. It’s like Aces are Wild in a Poker game and it’s American made and …It’s, it’s, it’s…. Ya, like the Swiss Pocket Knife of Outdoor Portable Cookers and Smokers, BRILLIANT!”

Ya, Like Dave says, “buy yours today and you’ll be kicking up your outdoor cooking skill level more then just a few notches, but I have to warn you, improving your BBQ skill level may result in more friends and family spending more time at your place and begging you to fire up the coals!”

Buy yours today.



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